by Forest Sun

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"Sometimes a nondescript CD from an unfamiliar artist shows up in the WW offices in a plain plastic clamshell case, devoid of any packaging or promotional material.

What's much more rare is when the sounds that rise out of said disc emerge with a fully formed musical vision and immediately resonate soulful authenticity and an effortless cool.

Believe me, I don't lightly invoke Van Morrison's name, but that's whose early work came to mind when I first heard Forest Sun, along with more recent reverences like Chris Whitely and Shawn Mullins.

It's not every winter's day that a Sun comes up to Portland from down California way/ I, for one, welcome the opportunity to bask in this one's warm glow." - J.R., Willamette Week, Portland OR


released November 10, 2016

Forest Sun- Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Slide Guitar, Mandolin,Harmonica, Rhodes, Piano, Congas, Bongos, Kazoo

Dan Foltz-Drums
Daniel Schacht-Bass
Matt Henry Cunitz - Hammond Organ, Pump Organ
Alex Budman- Saxophone, Clarinet,
Aushim Chauduri- Tabla
Kenny Annis-Sarod
Larkin Gayl, Jeremy Lindsay and Michelle McGrath -harmony vocals
Alisa Rose- Fiddle

All words and music by Forest Sun
Copyright 2001 Forest Sun Music BMI
All Rights Reserved

Produced by Forest Sun
Recorded at Painted Sun Studios (my shack in the woods), Schacht Studios and radical House(Track 9)
Track 5 contains the melody to Amazing Grace public domain)
Mastered by Ron K at Radical House, San Francisco
Mixed and Engineered by Daniel Schacht
Vocal Production - Raz Kennedy
Cover painting -Forest Sun
Layout and Design- Emil Friedlander



all rights reserved


Forest Sun San Francisco, California

San Francisco Bay Area troubadour and award winning songwriter, Forest Sun has regaled audiences around the globe with his wealth of songs and stories, all sung and told with back porch ease and bonhomie. Sun's music has been compared to everyone from Jack Johnson, The Avett Brothers and John Mayer to Van Morrison and Bob Dylan, but his unique style is entirely his own.
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Track Name: Alchemy

Fill me with your sweetness

Show me how love is born

Teach me all that I need to know

I may not speak your language

But I'm pretty sure

You can turn this lead heart into gold, Into gold

Like diamonds from coal

Pearl from sand

I know you can, I know you can

And just one dance with me

Thus begins the alchemy

Love will lay down like a lion at our feet

Your eyes tell the story

That your words can't hide

Open up your heart and you will see

It turn to gold

Like diamonds from coal

Pearl from sand

I know you can, I know you can

Do you believe in alchemy?

Cause I believe, yeah I believe.
Track Name: What the Poets Know
What the Poets Know

Where would the poets be without the moon and the stars?

No bright night jewels to compare the lover’s eyes to

No twinkling company to light their dark hours

No early morning crescent to mark their dreams and moods

And if the sun always shone?

No melancholy gray

To condense their thoughts like fog

Or hot breath on a window pane

Where would the poets be without the rain?

To wet their skin

Let them begin to sprout their seed

Make them believe

Cause words pile up and hang around

Linger near the feelings where they fell

Waiting for someone to write them down

Waiting for someone with a story to tell

But there's no melody without silence

There's no rhythm without the spaces in between

What some may say is beautiful

Others think is obscene

The poets know what I mean

I know the poets know.
Track Name: Dancing Again
Dancing Again

All the broken hearts

Strewn around our feet

Make it hard to move

Make it hard to speak

So grab yourself a broom

And we'll make our selves some room

And when we've cleared the floor

We'll try the dance of love once more

I can hear the music in my mind

Seems like it's been there all the time

Round and round we go

How long it lasts ain't nobody knows

But I'm happy just to be dancing with you

You've built your hopes so high

And me afraid of heights

But the more that time goes by

The less I need to fight

And all the mildew and the dust

From all those lonely nights

Has settled on my trust

Has clouded up my sight

But I don't need to see to dance

And I'm still willing to take that chance

So let me have your hand

Right here where we stand

I'm happy just to be dancing again

I said I'm happy to be dancing

So happy to be dancing

I'm happy to be dancing again.
Track Name: Red Umbrella
If I had a red umbrella

Maybe I wouldn't feel so blue when it rains

You know I'd splash in every puddle

Every puddle that came my way

Mamma I know you like the feel of mud between your toes

Cause darling I feel the same

We could share my red umbrella

Dance barefoot in the rain

So I won't complain

When those dark clouds roll on in

Cause we can lay all day

Making love in my single bed

Just like Bob Marley said.
Track Name: Plenty

Roll with me till we're dizzy down these green grassy hills

We'll lay at the bottom

And watch the clouds spin

Get up, run to the top

We'll do it all again

There is plenty, There is plenty of all we need

Sunshine on our backs

The sweet air we breathe

Ain't no hurry

There's no place I've got to be

Just right here loving you

Yeah with you loving me

Climb with me up this apple tree and we'll sit a while up there

Just to see what we can see

Come on I double dare you

I'll pick the best fruit just for you

And I'll rub it till it shines

Let your legs dangle down and we'll talk about

What ever is on our minds

There is plenty

There is plenty of all we need

Sunshine on our backs

The sweet air we breathe

I'm not worried

There's no place I'd rather be

Just right here loving you

With you loving me.
Track Name: My Queen
Hey old lady why you treat me so mean?

The meanest old lady that I've ever seen

You know if meanness was royal

Baby, you'd be the Queen

And I could be you jester

Hey old lady why you treat me so bad?

Meanest old lady I've ever had

I try to make you laugh it's only making you mad

Your sign must be Do Not Enter

Oh my Queen

Won't you, please, won't you, please

Won't you, please, Love me

You sell a kiss for a nickel

Two for a dime

Four for a quarter

If you’re a friend of mine

You know I want your love I got to get in line

Stand and place my order

Low cut dress and those high heel shoes

You paint your face and you give me the blues

I had to rob a bank just to pay your dues

Please let me cross your border

Hey old lady why you treat me so mean?

Meanest old lady that I've ever seen

You know if meanness was royal

Baby you'd be the Queen

And I could be your jester.
Track Name: God's Breath
Do you know why your here?

Do you know from where you've come?

Do you know what you came to do?

And leave behind you when you’re gone?

Life's song is a skeleton

Rhythm skull and bones

It's your voice that fills the flesh in

It's God's breath that gives it soul

Don't want to cry for what might have been

Don't want to hope for what might be

Just want to wake in my own skin

And feel you here right next to me

Life's song is a skeleton

Rhythm skull and bones

It's your voice that fills the flesh in

It's God's breath that gives it soul

Yeah it's God's breath that gives it soul.
Track Name: No Anchor
I'm not looking for an anchor

Know you only feel the current when you try to stand still

And I'm not looking for an answer

You can search all you want

But you never will touch down on ground

But I will love

And I will speak my truth, yeah

I will love, I will love you

I've walked these streets empty handed

Not knowing where I'll lay my head

But you know I've never felt abandoned

Cause the moon is my pillow

And the stars are my bed

So lay down on this ground

And we will love

We will share our truth yeah

We will love, we will love

Cause we are love

Love. Love. Love. Love.

Yes we are love

I toss my thoughts on scraps of paper

Never mind that I am lost

Some day I'll bring it all together

And pass it on before I cross

On down into the ground I will love

I will share my truth yeah

I will love, I will love you.
Track Name: Jar of Pennies
You've had food on your table

A roof over your head

You’re willing but unable

to explain the tears you shed

Fortune smiles on you God's child

Through all your trials you've not stood alone

Now you say you'll be on your way

Just point you in the direction home

And you judge yourself

Like no on else

You say it can't be helped

Who else is there to blame?

Took your jar of pennies to the wishing well

And dropped them in one by one

You watched each one as it fell

Stood there waiting for your wishes to come

As time went by you'd forgotten why

You stood there and what it is you wished for

When your wishes came your wish had changed

You didn't want them anymore

And the wanderlust still grips you

Takes your trust and trips you

Tell me who's gonna miss you

When you’re gone?
Track Name: Day By Day
Hear the wind in the cottonwoods

The rustle of the leaves

The sigh of the breeze

And all the kids in the neighborhood

Out playing in the streets

Into the warm night you wander

Just to feel your feet on the ground

Cross the bridge over from silence

Singing just to hear the sound

All the girls go by on their bicycles

Bouquet of flowers in one hand

And your heart feels just like an icicle

Dropped in a frying pan

Into the warm night you wander

Just to feel your feet on the ground

Cross the bridge over from silence

Singing just to hear the sound

La la la...

And all the postcards that you wrote

All got washed out in the rain

And everybody wants to know

How long are you going to stay?

Take it day by day

You'll say La la la...

Forest Sun © 2001